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Zuckerberg Shows Off his Smart Home AI: Jarvis

Mark Zuckerberg feels like a badass now, because he is now the proud owner of Jarvis.

It’s not exactly the artificially intelligent computer system which Tony Stark uses to take control of both his home and his Iron Man suit, but it is Zuckerberg’s version of it.

Are you curious about what Zuckerberg’s version of Jarvis can do? I am.

It can do the basics like turn the lights on and off in the house, play music and recognise who’s ringing your doorbell, whether to let them in, or keep them out by playing stranger danger. It’s been rumoured that Zuckerberg had also intended for Jarvis to be able to have a cannon to shoot gray t-shirts that Zuckerberg loves but that hardware modification hasn’t been built in yet.

Zuckerberg built Jarvis as a personal challenge, one of his New Year’s resolutions that he takes seriously. His quest to building Jarvis allowed him to understand the promise and limits of AI.

“In a way, AI is both closer and farther off than we imagine…AI is closer to being able to do more powerful things than most people expect — driving cars, curing diseases, discovering planets, understanding media. Those will each have a great impact on the world, but we’re still figuring out what real intelligence is.” – Zuckerberg

Credits: Geek.com

Before we get all psyched up, let’s get real here and realise that a lot of what Jarvis can do is quite similar to what Amazon Echo and Google Home can do as well. However, Zuckerberg’s obsession with AIs isn’t only personal. He has also made huge investments in Facebook AI Research, or FAIR, and Applied Machine Learning, which tries to incorporate AI into Facebook’s products.

What will Mark Zuckerberg make of AIs in the future? Will he pioneer a new generation of artificial intelligence, beyond what Google and Amazon were capable of doing and in so doing, turn Facebook into the pioneer in the field of AIs this generation?

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