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ZTE tablet from China gets Android 3.0 treatment

Of all the China-brand tablets that we have been covering for news updates, it would appear that ZTE is one of the few OEMs which have the potential to make a name for itself in both the domestic and the global arena. Apparently, the Chinese OEM has just churned out a new tablet that is said to follow the 'high-quality-at-low-cost' trend most Chinese devices are known for.

When it comes to purchasing a portable computing device such as a notebook, smartphone or tablet, most of us would only put our money with a reputable OEM, and for good reason. After all, devices belonging to be aforementioned categories are anything but cheap, and more importantly, the role they play in today's digital world means that the word 'downtime' is usually not acceptable at any point of time.

Still, it would seem that certain Chinese OEMs are starting to understand that there is a potential goldmine to be had out in the global market instead of merely catering to the domestic market. And it would seem that ZTE is next in line to take the global market by its horns by introducing a new low-cost tablet which it calls the V11. 

According to Chinese gadget website Newpad.cn, the ZTE V11 is the latest's in the company's line of high-performance, low-cost tablet PCs. Processing power is reportedly provided by an unidentified SoC which features a processor core clocked at 1.2GHz, while backing up the V11's multitasking and storage capabilities are 512MB of memory and built-in storage capacities ranging from 8GB to 32GB. 

In addition to the aforementioned specifications, Newpad also claims that the V11 comes equipped with dual cameras, while the 10-inch touchscreen display sports a native resolution of 1280 x 800. Last but not least, the V11 will feature the standard range of wireless connectivity functions such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and support for 4G mobile data connections and will come preloaded with the latest version of the Android operating system, Honeycomb.

However, it would appear that for a tablet touted to be a 'high-performance-low-price' device, ZTE has not revealed how much users can expect the V11 to be. However, we are quite certain that, given Chinese OEMs' tendency to compete on price, the largest possible pricetag ZTE could attach to the V11 will still be orders of magnitudes below the size of those currently found on competing products from the global, more established OEMs.

Source: Newpad.cn

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