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ZOTAC announces two new 4GB GeForce GTX 960 cards


ZOTAC is the latest addition to the growing list of manufacturers that have launched new 4GB GeForce GTX 960 cards lately. The company announced two new GTX 960 cards today – ZT-90308-10M and the ZT-90309-10M (AMP!) variant. Both the cards come overclocked from the factory.

The ZT-90308-10M features 1177 MHz core speed with 1240 MHz boost speed while the ZT-90309-10M features higher 1266 MHz core with 1329 MHz boost clock. The memory isn’t overclocked on either card, with both featuring the standard 7.0 GHz memory speed.


Since the ZT-90308-10M is the lower end offering, it gets a simple dual-fan cooling solution while the more expensive ZT-90309-10M larger and more efficient dual-fans to help keep temperatures in check under heavy gaming. Both cards come with a total of three DisplayPort 1.2, one DVI and one HDMI 2.0 port.

Like the other 4GB GeForce GTX 960 cards, you shouldn’t expect any significant gains in performance from these cards. At the most, you can expect to see a marginal increase in framerates, with the number varying depending on the specific game you’re playing.

Pricing and availability info isn’t yet available.

Source: TechPowerUp

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