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Zotac announces customized GTX 1080 Ti range

Zotac have take the wraps off of their GTX 1080 Ti range. We reviewed the Founders Edition version of the 1080 Ti, and while its a beast and we love it, it’s cooler just holds it back a touch. When you look at massive 3 slot coolers like the one on the AMP! Extreme card pictured below, we think those concerns will be put to rest.  Zotac appear to have gone all out on producing a card to tame the powerful GP102 GPU.  Note the addition of the DVI connector which is absent from the Founders Edition. We also see the addition of two very large capacitors on the rear of the card along with dual 8 pin PCIe power connectors, indicating this card is set for some serious OC potential. Now that’s a cooler! Its possible this may be the highest performing out of the box 1080 Ti that is available from any partner if the clocks of previous AMP Extreme cards are taken into account. Though the final clocks are TBD, and we don’t want to get too carried away, we think hitting 2Ghz boost clocks will be a walk in the park on this card.


The regular AMP edition card comes with Zotac’s established IceStorm cooler. The clocks on this model are also to be determined, but we’re sure it will be quite a bit higher than the reference card.

Pictured below is Zotac’s card equipped with an exhaust blower fan. We’d expect this one to perform similarly to the reference model in terms of thermals and noise levels and the clock speeds are the same too.

Price and availability is yet to be released. We hope to get our hands on one soon to put it through its paces!

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