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This beast doesn’t feature 9 heads like the mythological beast of the same name. Instead, it features a GeForce Series 9800M GTX discrete graphics card. Check out how this monster fairs as a DeskTop replacement.


The power of a desktop system outfitted with top of the line RAM, HDD and Graphic Card is tough to beat in a performance battle but it is sure to lose out in a battle of portability and all-round use.

Enter the DeskTop replacement notebook that is equipped with a 17-inch hi-resolution display wide but beats 20 and 22-inchers at the resolution game. It takes a 24-incher to be its’ equal with a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1200.

To ensure the system is not lagging behind because of some other low-end component, fit the system with a separate video card. The video card of choice is the most recent nVidia 9800M GTX. This isn’t the latest like the 260/280GT cards available now, but it is still a GPU that doesn’t get pushed around.

With graphics and video covered all that is left is horsepower, a cpu, to drive the entire system. Intel happily released their latest Core i7 processor but a system board and support in a mobile platform is yet to come. So, we stick to the Core 2 Duo processor series for mobile (notebook) platforms.

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