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YouTube rolls out mobile livestream and pay-to-chat service

YouTube is arguably the king of video-on-demand, and in a mobile first world it’s a no brainer that the Google-owned (Alphabet rather…) platform is trying to carve out a spot in mobile streaming—specifically on mobile.

Announced eight months ago, the YouTube mobile livestreaming was only available to a select few in the community. That, however, has since changed. YouTube has now opened up the service to YouTubers with at least 10K subscribers.

Oh, but that’s not the kicker to this whole story. Eligible content creators will also have at their disposal “Super Chat.” Umm… so what is Super Chat? Well, it’s Google’s vision of the “premium” that viewers must pay to be noticed by other viewers or content creators. In other words, you have to pay anywhere from $1 to $500 to make yourself seen in chat.

Google is taking a few pages out of Facebook’s social media playbook. Zuckerberg and company rolled some similar services in the past to help make celebrities and other influencers become…well… even more influential. The amount of money people are willing to spend (as a fan/viewer) to interact with the people they follow has shown tremendous potential.

The real question, though, is: Are the new YouTube features REALLY going to change the monetizing landscape of its content creators? YouTube launched its own esports/gaming livestreaming platform awhile back… and let’s just say Twitch is still vastly superior in every aspect.

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