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YouTube revamps live stream to take on Twitch


Google is revamping the YouTube platform to take on Twitch in the eSports arena.

Google’s fail bid to take over Twitch near the end of 2014 meant that it would have to rebuild itself to cater to the eSports scene.  To do so, the Internet giant has reportedly put together a team of 50 engineers to beef up YouTube’s pre-existing live streaming platform, and the official announcement regarding the matter could go down at this year’s annual E3 in June.

Amazon scored big when it was given the honor of slapping its brand on Twitch.  Top Twitch brass, however, have promised Twitch viewers and streamers that the platform still belongs to them, and that the take over was much more so about the money to help drive growth and innovation.

Within the last four years, Twitch has grown to the point where household gaming consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox are integrating Twitch apps directly into the systems for viewing and streaming pleasures.

Similarly, YouTube also has a presence on these hardware and it was only a matter of time before the Google-backed VoD platform loaded up some ammo and make a run for the high ground.

Source: Daily Dot

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