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YouTube-MP3 complies to cease and desist, yet remains online

Despite losing a court battle and agreeing to cease and desist demands, stream-ripper YouTube-MP3 remains online with almost full functionality.


YouTube-MP3 is a service that allows users to rip audio from YouTube videos and download them as an .mp3 file. They also archive the .mp3 files for future downloads. It is one of many similar services in a multitude of formats, and was threatened by Google in 2012, presumably after the search giant received pressure from the music industry. After a recent court battle, YouTube-MP3 agreed to cease and desist part of their service, but despite this, the site remains online, virtually unchanged.

YouTube-MP3 is a German site, and is one of the most popular YouTube ripping services with roughly 30 million visits every month. The site’s owners have claimed that they have the right to provide the service, but in the recent lawsuit, three music companies under the umbrella group BVMI claimed the site was running illegally and sued the owners through the Hamburg district court.

Whereas a YouTube ripper, similar to a cassette tape recorder, simply saves the music in a different format, what YouTube-MP3 does differently is that it archives the music so it can be distributed for free in the future, simply by entering the url to the converted file. This is the angle BVMI hoped to exploit to win the court battle, but by the time the case had reached a judge, the site had already signed cease and desist letters promising to not to provide distribution of copyrighted content.




So, life goes on as usual at YouTube-MP3, and the service is still online and working as usual, minus the archived files of course.

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