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YouTube has been redesigned across all platforms

YouTube has undergone a major overhaul. The interface has been redesigned, for all platforms, with focus on a pretty important thing: watching videos

YouTube is yet again redesigning itself, and this time, the product team is putting focus on a new feature called the YouTube Guide. The guide sits on the left side of the screen and will show your subscriptions, recommend channels to you based on your viewing habits, and even tell you what your friends are watching. The Guide will permeate YouTube, no matter what platform you're experiencing it through, whether it is a computer, smart phone or Playstation. It also eases the navigation from video to video, allowing you a simply way to browse videos from the user you're currently watching.

The new YouTube


YouTube has been receiving complaints that the videos on the site have been too messy, with subscription buttons, social media buttons and other content taking up too much space and focus. Now, the video will once again take center stage. All of the other content has been placed below the video, and the buttons have a lower profile, standing out less and not cluttering up the screen. Generally speaking, the interface is much more crisp, with sharp edges and comfortable colors.


Another change is the playlist menu, which has been moved to the immediate right of the video and allows you to navigate the current playlist with more ease. This is part of a conscious effort to help users have an easier time accessing videos and not have to use the search function as much. Last year, YouTube attempted a similar change meant to affect their users' experience, by easing the channel subscription process. This worked very well, as the number of subscribing users doubled, despite subscriptions being an already 6 year old feature at the time.


The new design went live yesterday, so if you head on over there, it'll be waiting for you.

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