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YouTube celebrates eight years of cat videos, rants

On its eighth anniversary, YouTube has published some interesting stats about its usage.

Believe it or not, YouTube turned eight years old last week. The website that is now synonymous with the phrase “viral video” was launched in 2005, in an era where the smartphone wasn’t ubiquitous, Windows XP was still in its prime, and the followup consoles to the Xbox and Playstation 2 were on the horizon.

Since its launch, so much has changed. While watching YouTube was once an activity confined to the desktop, the video sharing site’s content is now available in the living room via a game console or smart TV or on-the-go with a tablet or smartphone.

At eight years old, YouTube keeps growing. As part of a celebratory blog post looking back at their eight years the site published some stats about its user base.

  • YouTube says more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to the website every minute. This is up from 72 hours per minute in 2012 and 48 hours per minute in 2011.

  • The site claims that 1 billion users watch its videos every month. Statistically, this is one out of two people on the internet. All the while YouTube remains blocked in China.

As the company moves towards being a decade old, it's preparing to add more functionality such as paid content channels. Eventually, YouTube wants to fashion itself as a replacement for traditional broadcast and cable television — in the fashion of Netflix — as opposed to something for watching cat videos and rants.

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