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YouTube adds new depth to VoDs with 360-degree feature


Google has enabled 360 degrees view for YouTube VoDs, and it’s trippy if you’ve never experienced something like it before.

Of course the videos are filmed using specialized equipment, but if you just happen to own one of these cool 360 degrees recorder you can upload the clips to YouTube for everyone to see.  If you’re just a viewer and want a little taste of 360 views, download the YouTube Android app and view the Red Bull F1 360 experience (tip: hold up the phone and move it around as the video is playing).

If you don’t have an Android phone or tablet to view the F1 360 video, just open up Chrome and navigate to the video and at the top left corner you’ll have a little virtual toggle that you can manipulate to you view the video in 360.

Uploaders will need to add a script to their clips to ensure the videos play correctly in 360 view, but soon this will be automated so people don’t have to fuss over the little details.

[youtube id=”7IaYJZ2Usdk”]

Source: YouTube

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