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You’re Doing It Wrong: Spotify Tricks That Will Take Your Listening Experience To The Next Level

With 100 million Google Play Store downloads, Spotify has taken the music world by storm. Now, you’re probably amongst the large population of users, whether you’ve paid for a premium account or otherwise. Whatever the case, it wouldn’t be a stretch to acknowledge how this platform has changed the way we consume music (and indeed, produce it) these days.

And yes – its popularity has been underscored by its overwhelming ease of use, but chances are you’ve not been getting the most out of this versatile platform. Here are six tricks on Spotify we bet you don’t know.

1. Get lyrics on Spotify

Users of Spotify on mobile, lament no more: in-app lyrics through onboard apps might have been discontinued, but third-party apps allow you to circumvent this issue.

Musixmatch and Genius are great mobile applications for a workaround on both iOS and Android, and allow you to view lyrics instantly. I did prefer Musicxmatch since it displays the lyrics line-by-line in time with the music.

Genius, on the other hand, simply brings up all the words on a single page, meaning you’ve got to hunt around if you lost track (pun intended).

Musicxmatch does have annoying ads, though, and Genius has a nifty Shazam-like feature baked in, so it’s really a toss-up between the two apps.

2. Share your Spotify track quickly

Another reason Spotify has become such a great hit is the app’s unparalleled ease of use.

Community building hasn’t exactly been Spotify’s strong suit, and I would particularly have preferred being able to share playlists and musical discoveries with my friends within the app. However, Spotify’s song-sharing protocols are some of the niftiest I’ve encountered.

First, there’s drag-and-drop, which allows you to drag songs into the text boxes of your desktop chat applications like WhatsApp and Telegram. If you’re doing up a blog post, you don’t have to faff about with embed quotes since Spotify automatically converts the dragged song into the appropriate format for your site.

Next, there’s a unique visual code on each song’s share page under the album art. Resembling the sound waves on visualisations we last saw on Windows Media Player, you can easily share tracks at a party by scanning the code with the in-app camera instead of typing in the song details. I imagine this would be particularly useful when the music’s blaring and words don’t work too well.


3. Archive Your Discover Weekly

Spotify’s success has also been attributed to its top-notch music recommendations algorithm. While versions of it appear at the end of your various playlists and for individual songs, Spotify’s Discover Weekly was launched to critical acclaim.

It compiles a list of obscure tracks that you might have never (and indeed, would have never) discovered. Spotify’s psychic monkeys filter for the songs that you’d probably enjoy, based on your listening habits. The only issue is that this playlist deletes itself once every week, to give you a new version.

If you’re like me and you’re too busy to scour the Discover Weekly playlist every single week, but don’t want to miss the next potential banger, this one is for you. This IFTTT recipe allows you to automatically archive each week’s Discover Weekly, so you can do major sleuth work to improve your repertoire when you get some downtime. 

4. Advanced search terms

If you’re like any other hipster and need to have overly-specific music preferences like 50s Italian Big-Band Jazz, or 80s Chinese Christian Rock, Spotify has an advanced search function that has got you covered. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on the web application, and not on the Windows, Android, Mac or iOS versions.

Advanced search on Spotify. Image: Spotify Web

Just like Google’s search engine, you’re able to append search terms and limiters to help narrow down your search. This can be useful when you’re trying to expand a particular playlist or would like to hunt down that elusive track you heard last night.

5. Easily add new songs to Spotify

If you’re like me and enjoy using YouTube, IFTTT has a recipe that allows you to add songs from liked videos to a playlist.

Alternatively, this IFTTT recipe automatically saves the top tracks on Reddit’s r/ListenToThis subreddit to your specified Spotify playlist.

And if you’re the ostentatious sort, you could announce your latest song additions on Facebook or Twitter with other IFTTT applets, too.

6. Interactions with other apps and your smart home

Spotify is fully compatible with IFTTT, which means you are able to coordinate a plethora of actions on your social media platforms, other apps and smart home devices based on actions within Spotify itself.

For example, you could choose to turn your Philips Hue light system into disco mode when you play your party playlist or let its colours match the album art of your most recently saved track on Spotify.

If you’ve got a penchant for dry humour, you could even set up your home security system to play Smooth Criminal when an intrusion is detected.

You’re Doing It Wrong is a condescendingly-titled series where we share tips and tricks for every conceivable technological problem you might face in modern society. Have tips or tricks you want to share? Get in touch with us on our Facebook or Twitter

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