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Yet another iPhone 5 rumour?

The iPhone 5 may have yet to see the light of day outside of Apple's research labs, but one can be sure that with a device as popular as the iPhone, speculation and rumours about upcoming products can never be far behind. And needless to say, we have gone down to dig up some of the more recent bits of information about Apple's upcoming phone from the rumour mill.


So you want that shiny iPhone 5 Apple has been teasing you with for the past few months, don't you? That is fine and all, but like most sensible customers, merely having a device stamped with the Apple logo is not a good-enough reason to justify breaking the piggy bank when the device is released. After all, smartphones are not the cheapest consumer electronic devices available on the market today, and chances are you'd want to have a little more information about whether you will be getting your money's worth when the iPhone 5 eventually gets released for retail.

While we are not about to go around hoping that an Apple employee might 'accidently' leave an iPhone 5 prototype behind for us to play around with, the good news is that the Internet rumour mill is alive and open for business. And apparently, the information we have found seems to concur with what reputable sources have been claiming about Apple's upcoming smartphone.

According to the latest speculation from a Chinese website known as GizChina, one of the more significant upgrades users can expect from the upcoming iPhone 5 lies in the proprietary Apple A4 processor.  Apparently, the upcoming iPhone 5 will receieve a significant speed bump in the form of an upgraded variant of the A4 CPU which is supposedly clocked at 1.5GHz, or 500MHz faster than the A4 processor currently found in the iPads.

In addition to the speed bump, it appears that Apple's patents regarding OLED technology which we spoke about earlier might come into play here, as GizChina claims that the upcoming iPhone 5 might ditch the traditional LCD screen in favor of OLED displays. Once again, this makes sense, as a more powerful processor would typically consume more energy, and OLED technology has been known to provide better power efficiency as opposed to traditional LCD displays. By utilizing OLED displays in its upcoming iPhone, Apple would be in a better position to offer users a lethal combination of high-performance smartphone computing and long battery life.

Last but not least, the image shown above hints at the removal of the physical 'Home' button, with a slightly smaller touch-sensitive panel taking its place.

That being said, all these bits of information are nothing more than rumours floating about the depths of cyberspace. As such, there are bound to be issues with accuracy, especially when Apple has been known to make hardware changes to its devices at little to no notice. Still, it does give users a hint as to what they might be able to expect from the Cupertino giant, especially when its iconic iPhone is concerned. And of course, rumours always make for good reading material, as long as you remember that such information should always be taken with a huge truckload of salt.

Source and image: GizChina

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