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Yahoo! plans to shut down some services including Delicious and Altavista


Web service provider Yahoo! said it will be streamlining its business and plans to shut down some of their services. Among the services that may be affected are social bookmark Delicious; online news aggregator Buzz; and search site AlltheWeb and Altavista.

Yahoo! may be shutting down some of their web services as part of the company’s plan to streamlining the business. The company has already cut 4% of their work force few weeks ago, which equates to about 600 jobs, with most of them in the product group.

A Yahoo! spokeswoman said that there were “plan to shut down some products in the coming months”. The services that could be affected include Delicious, a social bookmarking service, online news aggregator Buzz, search site AlltheWeb and Altavista, a social network  MyBlogLog.

Last year, the company’s CEO Carol Bartz has closed the “underperforming” websites,  which include Web-hosting unit GeoCities and an online storage site called Briefcase.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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