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Yahoo and AVG announce partnership to protect your links

One of the dangers of our ever increasing mobile world is that the malware out there is being made available through what they call "drive-by clicking" which potentially makes every link you click on a danger to your security and information. Yahoo and AVG have announced a partnership to help fight that danger.

For many years AVG has been well known for providing an antivirus software that became the mainstay for a very large number of computer users, myself included, but the days of malware only being available via infected software that you might have downloaded to install is long gone.

Malware can find its way on to any of your computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones by the simple action of clicking on a link.  In a world where even you search results in your favorite browser can lead to malware being installed the time has come for different tactics to be used, which is why we are starting to see partnerships like the one announced today between Yahoo and AVG.

The deal will see Yahoo powering AVG's secure search which uses their own LinkScanner technology to scan the links to protect their users from malicious web sites that will try to download and install malware in the background when you end up on t heir sites.

According to a recent report via Search Engineland, there has been an 80% increase in the number of infected search results which makes this kind of partnership a needed service.

Shashi Seth, senior vice president of Connections at Yahoo, said when the partnership was announced that it was the company's commitment to being able to provide a safe and rich search experience for AVG users that helped lead to the partnership.

via Search Engineland

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