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Xoom corporation sues Motorola over tablet name


When it comes to the word "Xoom", most users following consumer technology news would naturally link it with Motorola's latest Android 3.0 tablet that is running a dual-core processor. Well, Xoom is also the name of a company that provides online international money transfer service, and it is no wonder a lawsuit is filed against Motorola over the trademark of the company's name.

Whenever a company comes up with a new product, giving it a name is probably the most difficult task before it goes to market; you wouldn't want to receive lawyer's letters on the infringement over the trademark name. (Well, unless you have the wealth to settle with that company).

Law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius has filed a trademark suit against Motorola, on behalf of San Francisco-based money transfer company Xoom Corporation. Yes, this is all about the Motorola's Xoom tablet device. According to news reports, Xoom has had its name since 2003 and has indisputable trademark over it.

Motorola's purchase of the keyword "Xoom" on Google and other search sites could have caused potential disruption to the financial company's business, which was the main ground of complaint. At the moment, Motorola has no comment over the lawsuit.

Xoom's company tagline may be "The Smarter Way To Send Money", but in this case, it surely is a smarter way to earn money.

Source: Betanews

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