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Xiaomi will not be present at MWC 2017 next month

Speaking to the folks over at TechCrunch, a Xiaomi spokesperson today confirmed that Xiaomi will not be announcing any new smartphone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 next month in Barcelona, Spain. The company is in fact skipping the event this year.

The move does surprise us, as Xiaomi announced the Mi 5 flagship smartphones at the Mobile World Congress last year. It was expected that the company would announce the Mi 6 flagship at this year’s event, but it now looks like the Mi 6 might be delayed. However, given recent reports suggesting Samsung will enjoy exclusivity over the Snapdragon 835 supply until April, it does seem to make sense. Xiaomi usually prefers to keep the gap between announcement and actual launch short, at least for the Chinese market. Announcing the Mi 6 at MWC next month and shipping it by the end of April certainly doesn’t sound like a great idea. Which is probably why Xiaomi might decide to announce the Mi 6 closer to April, once the Snapdragon 835 supply situation normalizes.

It should also be noted that Xiaomi had announced the Mi Note 2 and the Mi Mix smartphones only a few months back, so it probably makes better sense for the company to delay the launch of the Mi 6. Apart from the Mi 6, Xiaomi is also expected to launch the Mi 5C in the near future.

Source: TechCrunch  

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