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Xiaomi could use its own mobile SoCs in future smartphones


Xiaomi could soon join Samsung and Huawei as the next major Android OEM to use its custom mobile chipsets on smartphones.
According to a new report, Xiaomi is working on a custom mobile chip for its next-gen Redmi smartphones.

The info comes from the Director of research at IHT Technology’s Chinese arm, Kevin Wang. Wang posted the info on Weibo earlier today and claimed that the Xiaomi chips are likely to be fast enough when compared to the Leadcore LC1860 chipset used on the Redmi 2A.

As with Huawei and Samsung, this move will help Xiaomi reduce its dependence on MediaTek and Qualcomm. For now it looks like the company is only working on low-end mobile SoCs that could end up on the budget Redmi lineup of smartphones. In future we might see even more powerful chipsets from Xiaomi, possibly heading to the company’s high-end lineup, similar to Huawei.

Source: Weibo

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