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Xiaomi sells 100,000 units of the Mi-3 in less than two minutes

The first batch of Xiaomi’s latest handset sells out in 86-seconds.


Xiaomi’s latest flagship device, the Mi-3, was sold out less than two minutes after it started selling online.

100,000 units of the device were available in the first batch of orders. It is no wonder considering that the device features high-end hardware, and was retailing for just $327 for the 16 GB version. Xiaomi is building quite a name for itself in the mobile world, and had recently hired Google’s Android manager Hugo Barra as the head of its global division.


The Chinese manufacturer is seeing strong sales this year, which saw the brand accruing 7.03 million sales for the first six months of 2013. Xiaomi managed to sell a total of 7.19 million units in 2012. The brand also sells TVs, the latest batch of which sold out in just 3 minutes. Xiaomi is known to focus extensively on user feedback, and this has been seen as a major reason for the brand’s huge growth over the last year.

Rumors indicated that they would be branching out into tablet and notebook segments, and that Xiaomi would also consider making a smartwatch. However, Liwan Jiang, co-founder of Xiaomi, mentioned that the brand would currently focus on their mobile and TV lines, but did not rule out making a smartwatch in the future.

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