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Xiaomi looks toward the sky with new Mi Drone


Xiaomi has a drone coming your way, and it’s just as affordable as their other gadgets. The Chinese smartphone maker is disrupting all corners of the tech sector (well, maybe not all but a lot) with their pricing strategy.

We’re not talking about trashy smartphones for a dirt cheap price. Rather Xiaomi likes to make high quality stuff that’s affordable, and we thank you. But enough free publicity, let’s talk drone.

The Mi Drone is a $460 aerial gadget that comes with very high quality specs that would easily match those of drones that are twice the price. It comes with a 4K camera that’s capable of 30fps, a three-axis gimbal capable of correcting itself 2,000 times per second, and a remote control that taps into a Xiaomi phone to use it as a viewfinder.

Xiaomi claims the 5,100mAh battery can keep the drone airborne for about thirty minutes. Onboard, it uses GPS and GLONASS for positioning, and the location tracking enables you to track it down in case the drone poops out and drops from sight. It also has some smart tech onboard to help you do some flight path planning.

This sounds like a smart buy, and it just might be. The only problem is Xiaomi hasn’t had much luck cracking the US market. So unless you’re in China or have access to distributors, the Mi Drone is off limit (unless you’re willing to go the distance to get one).

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