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Xiaomi launches a Pressy clone, will sell it for under $1

Pressy is not too pleased that Xiaomi has created a knock-off, and is considering the best course of action.


Xiaomi is credited for its innovative designs and products, but it looks like this time around the Chinese manufacturer has decided to take its design cues from another source. Xiaomi is offering an add-on button accessory called the MiKey that can be plugged into a device’s 3.5 mm audio jack. The button can be customized to undertake various functions, like calling an assigned contact or shooting images.

The design as well as the functionality of the add-on accessory is eerily similar to that of Pressy, a Kickstarter project that blew through its $40,000 funding goal in under a day. Pressy’s funding ended at $695,138. For those who missed out on Pressy’s Kickstarter, it is now available for $27. However, Xiaomi’s MiKey will be sold for just $0.79 (4.9 Yuan), which is considerably lesser than what the Pressy controller retails for. In a Google+ post, Hugo Barra stated that users would be able to plug in MiKey into any Xiaomi device, suggesting that its functionality will be limited to Xiaomi’s handsets. It is not yet known as to when MiKey will be available outside of China, but the fact that it boasts a similar feature-set to Pressy has not gone unnoticed by Pressy’s creators.

Pressy has issued a statement stating that the situation is being looked into. “Though the knock-off versions were anticipated, we did not expect to see it from such a respectable and known company … We have IP rights for the design and functionality of Pressy, and are considering our next moves to handle the situation.”

Source: Engadget, Google+

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