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Xiaomi is the latest manufacturer to offer gold editions of its handsets

After the iPhone 5S and the gold edition of the Galaxy S4 that is set to go on sale in the Middle East, it looks like Xiaomi is going to launch gold editions of the Mi3 and Mi2S.


The leaked press shots indicate that Xiaomi is looking to launch a gold edition of both its current flagship, the Mi3, and its last-gen model, the Mi2S. The color looks understated and is similar to the champagne color the iPhone 5S is offered in. Sources also say after the launch of the gold edition, Xiaomi is looking to offer more color variations for both devices.


Xiaomi is known as the Apple of China for its well-designed handsets, and while its handsets are currently available only in China, it is looking to go global soon. Former Android head Hugo Barra recently joined the organization, and will be at the helm of Xiaomi’s global quest. He said in an interview earlier this month that Xiaomi will be targeting emerging markets like Brazil and India, where there is a burgeoning demand for budget and mid-range handsets that run Android.

The Mi3 was officially unveiled earlier this month, and the Nvidia Tegra 4 variant will start going on sale sometime next month. The Snapdragon 800 version will be launched sometime in November. It is alleged that the gold edition of the Mi3 would be available when the device launches, with the gold-colored Mi2S rumored to go on sale from October 15th.

Source: MyDrivers

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