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Xi3 piston gets a release date and official pricing

Xi3’s PC console to be available in November at a sub-$1000 price point.


The device that everyone thought was the Steam box has gotten a release date and a price.

In a press release sent out Monday night, Xi3 announced that its PC gaming console will be available on November 29 at a price point of $999. Those who have pre-ordered the console will get it sooner than the non pre-ordering masses; Xi3 promises the console will arrive to those who bought it in March “on or before” November 15.

Xi3 says that the Piston’s specs have gotten a slight boost in the last few weeks before its ship date. The console’s storage can now be doubled to 1TB thanks to a second SSD connector, but it will still ship with 128GB of SSD storage.

In a testament to how open the Steam Box platform is, Piston says users can use the second SSD connector to “load a second operating system onto their machines, including the newly announced SteamOS.” It should be noted that the Piston is partially financially backed by Valve.

Though the launch date is just over a month away, Piston has been slightly coy with the device’s specs. It ships with a quad-core 3.2 GHz processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of SSD storage. But for a gaming PC, Piston doesn’t give any details as to the two most important components: what type 3.2GHz processor does the thing have and what kind of video card it comes with. Some bloggers speculate it comes with a Radeon 700 series GPU, but this is based on tear downs of Piston’s X7A model that the Xi3 is based upon.

Very likely the Piston will be shipping with some sort of APU from AMD, but it’s strange the company isn’t naming exact details so close to the release.

Source: Xi3 press release

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