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XCOM: Enemy Unknown is coming to iOS June 20

As PC and console gamers have known for quite some time, XCOM is a pretty good game. In just a few days iOS gamers (that’s a thing right?) could be singing the same praises.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS was announced back in March and unlike a lot of console or PC games that get the mobile treatment, this won’t be a shoddy port that is missing a hefty amount of content.  The game is promised to have everything that PC and console gamers have been able to enjoy, with the only difference being that it has been optimized for a touchscreen.

The multiplayer component of the game will not be available at launch but they say it will come as a free update at a later time for those who buy the game. If you haven’t caught the game on any other system or are exclusively a mobile gamer then be sure to check this title out, which upon original release received a lot of praise for bringing an old-school type of gameplay to a new age.

The game will run you $19.99 which is definitely on the high side for mobile devices but they feel that they are offering a premium game that deserves a premium price point. If it plays well on touchscreen devices then I can vouch for the quality of the title itself.  It would definitely become a must have, be sure to check it out in 3 days.

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