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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Game Review

Robotic units do not level up or have customization options; you may only dismantle them

Aside from the small research tree and few items, we feel that the game should have been quite a lot longer as well. There are only a handful of storyline missions, which can be completed without too much trouble, and the only thing really holding the user back from undertaking the final mission is that you need to train a PSI trained soldier with a willpower of 100 or more, essentially forcing the gamer to undertake several secondary missions just to find/build such a character. Even so, the writer of this review managed to save the earth with 18 hours of play time in classic difficulty. While admittedly there have been more than one instances of loading a save game a few turns back as sometimes things did not go as planned, 18 hours of gameplay are simply not enough for an enthusiastic gamer. Replayability is good, given that most missions and events are random, yet it does not carry the weight of the first game as the gamer already knows what to expect and when to expect it.

Shot and killed

Apparently Firaxis and 2K did not want to repeat the mistakes of Mythos and Microprose which 15 years ago developed the highly detailed, very flexible and complex XCOM: Apocalypse, a game which became a nightmare for developers and took 3 years to complete and hit the store shelves. Therefore, the developers of the all new XCOM: Enemy Unknown simplified and cropped several characteristics and mechanics of the original series in order to make sure that the end product will not be overly complex and or difficult to balance. The result is a far simpler tactical combat engine, fewer base expansion options, as well as too few research options, weapons and other items.

Snipers love taking such shots

To summarize, the new XCOM: Enemy Unknown is certainly a very entertaining game with excellent graphics and great physics combined with an immersive atmosphere and an addictive storyline. No gamer who likes strategy and especially tactical combat games will feel sorry for purchasing a copy, including veterans of the XCOM universe. On the other hand however, the game could use a lot of content upgrades, as the original release is short and the items/research options are few, which might leave a bitter taste after beating the game just once.


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