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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Game Review

UFO interception is interesting but it could have been much better. You can only launch one craft to intercept a UFO each time you are ordering an interception, which is a little silly concept; if I have a bay full of fighters, why on earth would I be sending a single fighter to intercept the alien assault craft? And just how one fighter is even able to actually shoot down an alien craft which is 10 times larger and using technology light years ahead in the first place? Here the game could really use more content, as there are only two types of crafts and a handful of weapon upgrades for them. Older gamers will be missing versions of the XCOM with tens of vehicles which could receive a large number of engine, armor and weapon upgrades each.

One of the many solo duels with a flying saucer

Where the game could really use some content and improvements though is the research tree. Aside from autopsying alien corpses, there are way too few technologies to be discovered and way too few items and weapons to be fabricated. There are only two weapon levels to be researched, beam and plasma, only a single interceptor aircraft, a single grenade and six pieces of armor. Most autopsies and live alien interrogations are giving you "research credit", speeding up the development of other technologies, which usually have been researched months prior to interrogating the alien even if no extra laboratories have been built.

Engineering view

Engineering is polished a bit better, as items not only require money to be made but also parts which can only be acquired from successfully completing missions. The list of items which can be made is not very long, even towards the end of the game, yet as engineering fabricates everything, from weapons and equipment to fighter craft and robotic units, content feels adequate. Multiple adjacent engineering labs reduce the cost of equipment and facilities.

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