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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Game Review

Not many options here

Character loadout has been greatly simplified as well. All primary weapons and pistols have infinite ammo, meaning that you will not be manufacturing or carrying clips anymore; pistols even have infinite clips, never to require a reload. Each character can carry one primary weapon, a pistol and a single item (e.g. a medikit or a grenade) and wears a single piece of full body armor. Exceptions are simple, such as for heavy weapon experts carrying rocket launchers in the place of pistols and support troops being able to carry two items instead of one. Weapons are also available only for the corresponding class, meaning that you cannot have an assault trooper handling a sniper rifle or a heavy weapons expert wielding a shotgun.

Quite a lot of options here

Character customization is one of the best features of every XCOM game. In XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you cannot change the soldier's class or nationality but you can change the soldier's appearance, colors, voice and names, including the nickname which soldier's receive after surpassing a certain rank. Classes are randomly assigned when a soldier receives their first promotion and nationality when they are hired. Each time a trooper receives a promotion, a new skill comes along with it. It is interesting to note that nationalities are not limited to the countries which are financing the XCOM project but soldiers can be from any country on the planet, with their original names and appearance being randomly but accurately assigned depending on their nationality. Options are a little limited, as there are not too many armor designs to choose from at this time, neither too many voice sets. As a matter of fact, all voice sets are in perfect English accent, so do not be surprised if your Russian Sniper or Chinese Medic sound as if they are 10th generation immigrants in Washington.

Upon receiving a promotion, a skill has to be chosen

UFO interception is interesting but it could have been much better. You can only launch one craft to intercept a UFO each time you are ordering an interception, which is a little silly concept; if I have a bay full of fighters, why on earth would I be sending a single fighter to intercept the alien assault craft? And just how one fighter is even able to actually shoot down an alien craft which is 10 times larger and using technology light years ahead in the first place? Here the game could really use more content, as there are only two types of crafts and a handful of weapon upgrades for them. Older gamers will be missing versions of the XCOM with tens of vehicles which could receive a large number of engine, armor and weapon upgrades each.

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