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Purported Xbox One installation manual gets leaked

The Xbox One’s installation manual has apparently been leaked onto the internet, showing a step-by-step setup guide to get players up and running on Microsoft’s next-gen contender.

Xbox One Installation Manual

The purported leaked manual (shown above) is written in Portuguese–but of course we don’t have to be fluent to understand the basic concepts displayed within. Overall the installation process is pretty general, but it is interesting to see Microsoft’s patented style and flair represented within the setup guide.

Among the fundamental instructions that include hooking up the Xbox One to your television and cable box, the manual also gives details on how to enable internet access on the console, which is needed for Microsoft’s mandatory day one system update to operate.

The update itself is a one-time download that re-configures the Xbox One’s original firmware to reflect the company’s various policy reversals, including the highly dreaded DRM and online-only requirements.


After the initial download, gamers will be free to play offline and unhook their Kinect as they see fit, and Microsoft has since revealed that the update will take around 15-20 minutes to download.

“We are optimising Xbox One so that the day one update is as fast as possible,” Microsoft’s  MarcWhitten said.

“While we’re still finalising the details, we expect that the download will take between 15 and 20 minutes for most users.”

While just about every gamer on the planet doesn’t need an installation manual to set up their console, it is just a quick look at the overall design and style that Microsoft has utilized, giving a few highlights on what to expect when opening up that sleek day one Xbox One box.

Hopefully the console’s user manual is beefier and details more info on the system’s capabilities, including the console’s impressive Snap Mode or the multitude of possibilities offered with the Kinect sensor.

And maybe, just maybe, it’ll mention something about the unverified rumor that Windows 8 apps run on the Xbox One.

Microsoft’s Xbox One launches across multiple territories on Nov. 22, 2013 for a price point of $499. For more information be sure to check our recent coverage or head on over to the Xbox Wire.

Via GameRanx, Eurogamer

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