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Xbox One Titanfall bundle available for $450

The price cut puts the Xbox One back in contention with the PlayStation 4.

Titanfall Xbox One

Walmart and Best Buy are offering the Xbox One Titanfall bundle for just $450. The deal is valid both online and in-stores. If you’re not interested in the bundle, you can buy the regular Xbox One console for $450.

The new $450 priced bundle is a great deal, considering that users get Titanfall, which is valued at $50, for free. The Titanfall bundle consists of a regular Xbox One console, wireless controller, Kinect 2 and a downloadable code for Titanfall. In addition, users also get one month of Xbox Live.

Microsoft has undertaken a similar price cut in the UK, where the Xbox One Titanfall bundle is available for $659 (£400) from $709 (£430). We’re not accustomed to seeing console price cuts barely four months after launch, but it is clear that Microsoft has had to take aggressive measures to meet the sales of the PlayStation 4.

We’re not sure how long the deal will be valid, so if you’ve been holding out on a new console, now is the time to get one. Head to the source link below to get the Xbox One Titanfall bundle from Walmart.

Source: Walmart

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