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The Xbox One S is finally here in Singapore, and we got our hands on a unit. We’ve heard great things about the Xbox One S, but will it be able to win back the crowds from Sony’s powerful Playstation 4?


The Xbox One S sports a far more squarish design as opposed to the more curvaceous predecessor.

The top of the Xbox has a porous exterior to allow for efficient heat ventilation and the rear of the Xbox holds your various connectivity ports. One S is quite an impressive electrical engineering fit. It crams a massive amount of power and electrical energy into a compact little box with the dimensions 229.8mm W x 295mm L x 64.5mm H.

Compared to the older Xbox, the One S is far smaller than it’s predecessor which has the dimensions 274mm W x 332mm L x 80mm H. The total volume of the One S is actually 40% smaller than the original Xbox One, despite being fuelled with more power and packing on a larger storage space on board.

However, if you were to compare it against the smaller PS4 Slim, you will notice that it is still larger than the PS4 Slim by quite a bit, and it’s about 50% heavier. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the One S will pack on significantly more power than the PS4 Slim.


The Xbox One S still packs on a similar CPU, which is the 1.75GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar processor, but the GPU has received a revamp. It now holds a 1.4 TFLOP AMD Radeon⁶ which is an improvement over the 1.31 TFLOP AMD Radeon⁶. With a GPU speed of 914MHz and a peak ESRAM bandwidth between 204 GB/s to 219GB/s, the Xbox One S is still a step up from the previous Xbox One.

It also holds 3 storage options, the 500GB option, the 1TB option, and the 2TB option, the PS4 Slim on the other hand only offers 1TB as the maximum storage space.

User Experience

The Xbox One S is absolutely stunning, and the same goes to its user experience. It isn’t just a gaming console, it’s built to be an all-in-one entertainment system.

Games looked really good on the Xbox One S, however, to fully utilise the Xbox One S, you need a 4K television. The One S unlike the PS4 Slim supports 4K televisions, making gameplay more immersive as opposed to its predecessors.

It’s fast as well, starting up games take less than 20 seconds and games run smoothly without lag on the console, which is a given.

The Xbox One S also acts as a powerful blu-ray disc player, perhaps one of the best in the market. So watching the latest blockbuster on your Xbox One S will be phenomenal, and it was great watching Batman vs Superman on the console, bad show, great resolution (once again, with a 4K television). With an array of supporting apps, the Xbox One S has a strong ecosystem supported by the Windows Store. So binge watching shows on Netflix was fun big time.

One new interesting feature worth mentioning is the integration of Cortana into the latest Xbox One S. Having a voice assistant to take you through your Xbox experience sure is a much-welcomed bonus.

On to the controllers, the upgraded controller packs on a more reliable wireless signal, with up to 2 times the wireless range compared to previous controllers (provided you use it with Xbox One S). As an added bonus, the Bluetooth radio on board also gives you easy wireless connection to your Windows 10 PCs and tablets. So gaming on your dedicated custom rig will be far more immersive.



The Xbox One S is a great device. However, if you already own an Xbox One, there is little reason to upgrade it unless you are craving for the 4K resolution your old box doesn’t support.

If you’re considering the Xbox One already, then we definitely consider you get the Xbox One S, which isn’t too much more expensive, costing only S$499 with the Battlefield 1 Bundle.


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