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Xbox One port of ‘Minecraft’ really close to releasing, says Microsoft exec

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer discusses Minecraft‘s impending release on Xbox One.

Minecraft Xbox One Announcement

When Minecraft was revealed as part of Microsoft’s Xbox One E3 campaign, it was an advantageous bonus for the next-gen console’s lineup. More than a few months later, however, gamers are still without the game’s next-gen release–but Microsoft’s Phil Spencer declares that the voxel-based adventure game will be on its way shortly.

At this year’s GDC event, Spencer had the following to say about the game’s progress and ultimate release, detailing that 4J Studios and Mojang had the final say in the title’s finalized launch.

“I talked to [4J Studios] last night,” Spencer recounted. “They feel really good about the progress that they’re making. It’s their game, and it’d be Mojang’s game. We graciously host it on our platform.”

Spencer went on to underline that the game itself is very much in the hands of 4J and Mojang, but he does say that Minecraft‘s Xbox One version is “really close”–hopefully this means the game will release soon.

“…Unlike on 360 where they had never been on console before and the developer relationship, I’ll say, was very tight from the beginning, this is something that’s really in their hands now.

“They’re a full-fledged developer in every sense. They control the [release] date of that, but I’ll tell people that we’re getting really close.

“I talked with Notch last night, and they’re really excited about the quality.”

To date Minecraft remains one of the best-selling indies of all time, and has surpassed a whopping 10 million units across Xbox 360 alone. The sales have risen so high that Notch, the game’s developer, has been quoting saying that Minecraft has had more sales than the atoms in the observable universe–a number not to be taken lightly.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Xbox One version can keep up, but for now we’ll have to wait. Maybe we’ll be able to catch the upcoming Warner Bros. flick based on the game before the Xbox One flavor arrives–but hopefully it won’t take that long.

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Via: IGN

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