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Xbox One finally gets a Japanese release date

Will the Xbox One be big in Japan? After a tepid launch in the United States, Microsoft must be hoping so.


After giving Sony a huge headstart with the release of the PS4 in Japan last February, Microsoft now reveals that the Xbox One will be released in Japan on September 4. Yes, that would almost be around one year after its initial international release. It looks as if Microsoft isn’t even worried about the seven month time gap between its competitor, with no signs that they are in a hurry to release the console in what could be described as Sony’s ‘home turf’.

The announcement that the Xbox One will be released in Japan later this year was actually already made at least a month ago, though not much specifics were given back then. Japanese opinions about the announcement are varied, but it would seem that the common consensus is that the Xbox One would really have to grind its way hard to catch up with the earlier release date of the PS4 in their country.

Though the exact Japanese release date has been confirmed, there are still no announcements about its local price.

Source: MyNavi (JP)

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