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Xbox LIVE slashes prices of every “The Walking Dead” episodes

Gamers can get every episode of the award-winning The Walking Dead series at 50% off today on Xbox LIVE, and even pick up the first episode for free!

Just about everyone who's a fan of AMC's hit television series based on Robert Kirkman's popular graphic novels already owns Telltale's definitive The Walking Dead game series, but for those gamers out there who haven't tried them out yet, Xbox LIVE is currently offering huge savings on every episode on the award-winning series.

Telltale's celebrated series has won countless awards (including Game of the Year on Spike TV's VGA 2012), garnering a multitude of positive review scores and has been praised all over the gaming world for its creative, heart-wrenching realism.

The game has just been made available as a retail purchase in stores, allowing gamers to buy all five episodes in a physical copy…however Xbox LIVE's Countdown to 2013 sale offers a price on The Walking Dead games that's hard to beat.

The first episode is actually free for a whole week, and The Walking Dead episodes 2-5 are 50% off for a mere 200 Microsoft Points (approx. $2.50).

At this price, you can pick up the entire series for just $10, which makes the series much more accessible to gamers who were on the fence or those who haven't experienced it yet.

If you're unfamiliar with Telltale's The Walking Dead series, the games feature an all-new cast of characters (with just a few familiar faces from the TV show) who must survive in incredibly dire situations, struggling to meet even the most basic needs like food and shelter.

The games themselves feature a point-and-click interface with a free-roam scheme that is quite inventive and creative; Telltale has been hailed for its originality in terms of the game's mechanics and overall UI.

The real heart of the game, however, is the social interactions between the characters and the dynamic decisions you make throughout the game.

At certain intervals, players must make hard decisions (such as who to save from rampaging zombies), and these major decisions have actual consequences. The characters all have their own personalities and quirks, and the story arc is inventive and heartbreaking at the same time to deliver a truly immersing and enjoyable experience.

This is a one day only sale, and the sale ends tomorrow on Dec. 29 so be sure to pick these games up while they're discounted!

Be sure to check out the games on Xbox LIVE by clicking here, and for more information on The Walking Dead series please visit the game's official website.

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