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Xbox Infinity branding image was a fake

The image you see here was a fake created by user C-Ron on Reddit. It's unsure whether or not the name itself is fake though, but in the end it doesn't seem to matter much when the reveal is just over one week away.

It was just yesterday when news was making rounds that the next Xbox is likely to be named the Xbox Infinity. Around the same time that report originally hit the Internet, a picture was making rounds on the Internet, Reddit in particular, that seemed to back up the rumor about the naming with what looked to be the new logo.

There was always a chance that it was going to be fake; you can never really tell for sure from these anonymous leaks, and today the creator of the image has come clean and notified the web that the picture was indeed a fake. The user who created it is named C-Ron, and he created it in Photoshop and claims to be amazed at how quickly it spread around the internet. He eventually decided to admit that it was all a hoax, and that leaves us where we are today.

Rumors from credible and non-credible sources are still just mere speculations in the end.  Until a company decides to confirm or deny any speculations, we'll all have to take the placebos and pretend that they have substance, or else not take them at all (but where's the fun in that?).

Either way, this nonsense will soon be behind us. Microsoft is slated to reveal the next Xbox on May 21st, just over one week away. It won’t be long until the whole truth and nothing but the truth becomes public knowledge.

Source: Reddit Via: Neowin

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