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Xbox One announcement gains 8 million viewers in 24 hours

As is well known, the Xbox One was announced to the world last week, but how many people in the world were watching? According to Microsoft, over eight million people, 8.45 million to be exact. The live press conference was initally broadcast on their official channels with many people watching in their collective bedrooms, offices and homes around the world, all getting excited about Microsoft’s brand new console. Within the first 24 hours of the event, almost eight and a half million people were watching, which makes it one of the “top-most concurrent streamed events of all time.” The Xbox One announcement is up there with the 2010 World Cup, the 2011 Royal Wedding in the UK and the 2012 Obama/Romney Election.

A lucky company, Akami, was in charge of the live stream and must be pretty proud about the viewing figures they received; also the United States cable broadcaster, Spike TV, had 1.73 million tuning in. Spike, which hosted the Video Game Awards earlier this year, must have also been incredibly happy considering they had the highest ratings for the timeslot with men aged 18-34.


With less than a month away from E3, Xbox One is ramping up for a big conference, and will hopefully show off more games in the process. Their viewership of eight million could easily expand with a livestreamed E3 announcement and a lot of press from hands-on previews from the world’s gaming media. With 48 million on Xbox Live, a portion of the eight million could have actually been viewing the event via their Xbox 360, which like the Video Game Awards, was streamed directly to their consoles.

The Xbox One has no release date, but will be supposedly released by the end of the year, unless Microsoft says otherwise.

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