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Xbox 720 to be smaller with “flattened” controllers?

Recent sources have indicated that Microsoft's next-gen Xbox console may in fact be more smaller and compact than its current-gen predecessor and may feature newly redesigned controllers with a "flattened" appearance. The rumor also suggests a new Xbox LIVE dashboard update will roll out in the next coming months to prepare gamers for the next-gen transition.

New reports have surfaced regarding the appearance of Microsoft's next-gen console, particularly in the way of the system's controllers and overall size.

In these reports the sources have predicted that the Xbox 720 may be “smaller and more dense" than its current gen counterpart with “newly designed controllers that are said to be ‘flattened’ in appearance.”

Microsoft is also believed to be preparing a new dashboard update for the Xbox 360 that will ease the transition to the upcoming next-gen console, and is expected to enter beta stage in late June or early July with a complete release in August. The update is expected to roll out a new user interface similar to the smaller Live Tiles featured in the Windows 8.1 update.

Along with the new UI enhancements, Microsoft may also include additional changes including “tweaking the look of the Xbox dashboard, with the possibility of darker or lighter themes.”

Will the Xbox 720 be even thinner than this highly recognized concept?

These new updates are believed to be part of Microsoft's recent plans to "ensure Xbox 360 users can transition over to the next-generation console and interact with existing Xbox 360 users using messaging, beacons, and achievements.”

The sources also make claims to the recent rumor centered on Microsoft abandoning its virtual currency, Microsoft Points, with the new console is in fact true. The reports go on to say that the company will also reveal key details about the Xbox 720's TV broadcast features which have been touted in the rumor mill in the last few weeks.

While all of the sources claims have yet to be officially substantiated and must be chalked up to rumor, they certainly are worth noting, and we'll be able to most likely confirm or disconfirm some of these topics when Microsoft unveils the Xbox 720 this Tuesday–and during E3 next month.

Via The Verge, IGN

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