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Xbox 720 requires a “mini” add-on to play older games [Rumor]

The latest rumor about Microsoft's Xbox 720 has it that the next console will require a separate add-on for backward compatibility, and the most bitter part is that it may also cost gamers a few more gold coins.

We all have known for some time that the next generation Xbox is coming, with a rumored reveal date in May. As with all things Internet, however, this hasn't stopped the increasing number of rumors from running rampant.

Along those lines, we have a new rumor out today that, contrary to current hand-wringing, the next Xbox will not require an always-on Internet connection in order to play games locally. Maybe more importantly, though, Microsoft won't be blocking the playing of used games on the new console.

While those two things might be good news if they prove to be true, the last part of the rumor is sure to get everyone in an uproar. It hasn't been 'officially' confirmed, but it is believed that the next Xbox will be sporting an AMD chip architecture based around the x86 processor, which means that creating and porting games to the new platform will be a lot easier. Where the problem arises, however, is what about your old Xbox 360 games?

Well, according to the rumor of course, you will need to fork over $150 for the Xbox Mini and that will connect to the next-gen Xbox to allow you to play older games. Additionally, this Xbox mini will operate under a single interface when connected to the new Xbox 'Durango' so you won't have to worry about having to switch between devices in order to play your older games.

Of course we recommend that you keep your salt shaker handy when it comes to rumors likes these, and wait until May and find out for sure what Microsoft has planned.

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