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Xbox 360 Game Review: Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Star Ocean: The Last Hope continues the franchise’s soaring space opera, blending science fiction with fantasy for a unique RPG experience. But can this Xbox exclusive RPG still enthral and enchant fans like it did on the Super Famicom 13 years ago? Read on to find out!


What makes the Star Ocean franchise really stands out from other RPGs is its distinctive real-time battles and sci-fi frills. For players who are not familiar with the Star Ocean series, fret not. You are not required to know about the whole storyline to enjoy this game. However, fans will without doubt find it awfully familiar.

The hero, Edge Maverick, and Reimi Saionji.

The Last Hope is a prequel to the 3 other games in the series and it dwells in the beginning, where mankind explore space inhabitation after World War III has rendered Earth too harsh for life to sustain. As revealed in the introduction of the game, the hero of the game is Edge Maverick, and along with his childhood friend, Reimi Saionji, they are the first-generation members of the Star Reconnaissance Force who are a selected group of elites that will scour through the universe, in search of a new homeland for humanity. Of course, nothing is so smooth-sailing; throughout the journey to find mankind a new home, a series of events will eventually lead them into a battle against the most evil and destructive force, for the fate of the entire universe.
Sounds too familiar? Well, the storyline feels really recycled but it did redeem itself a little when it comes to game play. But first, let’s have a look at the packaging and content of the game.

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