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If you like cute puzzle games, then you probably would want to try out Ilomilo. Developed by SouthEnd Interactive and Microsoft Game Studios, this Xbox Live arcade game is also available on Windows Phone 7 for AT&T customers in US. Read on for the full review.

It's a colourful kaldeiscope world of cutesy cubes and cuddly characters 

This game is best summarised in two words: ‘Cute’ and ‘cubes’. Ilomilo is a puzzle game of sorts where you have to guide cutesy best friends, Ilo and Milo — no prizes for spotting where the name of the game comes from — to meet each other. These ‘Safkas’ forever need your help to meet each other. While this may seem like a simple fable, there is always the hint of a bigger story and the essence of lost memories.

But what will steal your breath away is a whimsical, wondrous world of many platforms, built out of interlocking cubes that extend into different directions and form all sorts of dimensions-defying structures. It’s like living in a world made up of the same rules that govern a rainbow Rubik’s Cube – or you can think of it as a pastel-lined blanket quilt universe.

How to meet up if you see me no up? 

There are twists and turns aplenty: Both Ilo and Milo often have to walk all around the cubes to the point of defying gravity in some cases. That’s right, you get to control both Ilo and Milo one at a time, as both characters need to make their own way through the mazes to meet each other somewhere in the — metaphorical, not always literal — middle.

Of course, the path to friendship does not run smooth. There are obstacles like big gaps, strange creatures that block you or even steal your blocks. You can’t jump over these obstacles, sadly. However, all is not lost — although you might often be.

Here's a short trailer of the Ilomilo game:-

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