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X-mini Explore Plus Review: Portable and Powerful

X-mini has established itself in the market for audio products and it’s devices are not only affordable but powerful as well. The Explore Plus, is an upgraded version of the X-mini Explore, with a built-in passive radiator to give you a more powerful bass. For $79.90, it’s hard to find another pocket-sized device as sturdy as this one.



The matte-grey speaker looks modern and sleek, although it does have a tad of a masculine feel towards it. The rectangularly-shaped device is actually pretty small and can easily fit into anyone’s jeans and pockets.

The Explore Plus is also extremely light, coming in at only 386g, which makes it easy to carry around.

With buttons to turn on, off and control your volume and playlist, you don’t always have to turn on your phone’s screen to have a good time with the Explore Plus.


Something to note is the fact that the X-mini Explore Plus is actually splash-proof so if you pour some drinks or get it drenched in the rain, it will still survive fairly well. It isn’t waterproof so throwing it in a pool might not be the best idea.

Audio Quality


The X-mini Explore Plus definitely produces a resounding maximum volume, a voice that seeks to be heard. Outdoors or indoors, the X-mini Explore Plus shouldn’t face any issues with pleasing the crowds.


With an in-built passive radiator, the X-mini Explore Plus has a resounding and impactful bass that most speakers this size are unable to produce. It resonates well and you can quite literally feel the speakers thumping when you turn on the beats. Try blasting some orchestral music by Hans Zimmer or songs like Supermassive Black Hole and Hysteria by Muse and you will get what I’m saying.

Although the bass is incredibly loud, at some points of time, the bass might not feel very clear and there is a little of noise there, but I must emphasise that no speaker at this price point can produce bass like that, so I’ll rest my case.


The mids are decent, it sounds alright, but clarity might not be as on point as other portable speakers that are around $100 or more.


The Explore Plus fares better in the low-frequencies and the highs are not very impressive, alright, but not fantastic and it feels a little hollow at times.


The vocals sound fairly tight, not show-stopping. Acoustic music has a smooth feel towards it, but it is far from perfect since the Explore Plus doesn’t do that well in the higher frequencies and only the bass.

Battery Life


With 6 hours of battery life, I don’t see why anyone would run into any issues with running out of juice, unless you intend to run a 24/7 house party, then you’re on your own.


Hi-Res - X-mini Explore Plus - Top View 1

Although I might come off a little harsh on the device since I expected more from the Explore Plus, but I honestly feel that it isn’t spectacular in the audio department.

Design and practicality wise, it’s definitely superb. I absolutely loved the space grey feel, the rectangular pocket-style design which makes it ultra portable and convenient to carry around.

At a price point of $79.90, I highly doubt you can find a device like that. So geting the X-mini Explore Plus might be a good idea if you are on a budget.


Zayne Seah
A tech geek going beyond specs.

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