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iPhone 5s outselling 5c 8:1 in China, 5c production cuts confirmed

China doesn’t seem to be taking too kindly to Apple’s colorful new iPhone 5c, as a report claims the device is being outsold eight to one by the flagship iPhone 5s in China.


That’s a whopping four times higher than the two to one ratio of iPhone 5s and 5c sales in the U.S., and the figure has been calculated via a survey of unofficial resellers done by local journalists in China. That paints a bleak picture for the iPhone 5c quite soon after its launch, though the immense demand for the iPhone 5s should more than make up for the lack of interest in the cheaper iPhone.

On a related topic, the iPhone 5c production cuts that were rumored a few days back have been confirmed by the Wall Street Journal – Apple has reportedly asked Pegatron to cut 5c production by 20 percent, while Foxconn and an unnamed component suppliers have cut their orders by 30 and 50 percent respectively. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the iPhone 5c isn’t doing well, but it does mean Apple could have jumped the shark when forecasting demand for the device, and the production cuts are simply a part of damage control.

Maybe next year they can focus on just an upgraded flagship and let the yesteryear flagship stay on as the cheaper model as it is, instead of taking the pains to swap that metal for plastic, how’s that for a plan?

Via: Unwired View | Source: Sina, WSJ

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