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Steve Wozniak hints at iWatch’s functionalities

Speaking in Mexico City, Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak hinted about the upcoming iWatch, and mentioned that Apple is merely in a waiting period between innovative products.

Apple iWatch concept

The iWatch has been in the rumour mill for so long that we were wondering if Apple would ever launch the device. It may have gotten its first official confirmation, as Steve Wozniak not only confirmed of its existence but also hinted at the functionality it might feature. He said, “I think, oh my gosh, I just wish I had the old iPhone right here on my wrist and I wish I could ask it questions like a new Siri (voice assistant technology) or tell it to play certain music.”

Wozniak told the audience in Mexico City that devices are getting smaller, and that Apple is waiting for the next big direction in consumer tech. He added, “You can’t expect a whole new incredible revolution of a category of existing consumer electronics, you can’t expect that every year. If you could have one every year it would be quite a surprise.”

Apple has been trademarking the iWatch name globally, but it might run into a few hurdles along the way. China already has a trademark for the name “iWatch” and “iWatching”, and in the U.S., an organization called OMG Electronics owns the iWatch trademark. In the U.K., Probendi owns the rights to the iWatch name, which extends to cover the entire EU.

Source: PhoneArena

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