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The world’s smallest wireless earbuds

Wires can get in the way of a great listening experience, and tangled wires can often be a cause of inconvenience and equipment damage. Earin promises great quality wireless listening in a small package.


How many times have you been inconvenienced by earphone wires? Often, you would have to snake them through your clothing. Storage can also be a pain, as wires can get tangled up, and might get damaged in the process. Wireless earphones have started gaining popularity, especially as many devices now support Bluetooth. However, there’s always the question of sound fidelity, battery life and portability.

A recent Kickstarter campaign aims to change most of the concerns that usually come with the use of wireless earphones, particularly size. Earin promises to offer high-quality audio in a small package. The earbuds magically disappear into your ear, and the creators have promised to have designed the device with ergonomics in mind. “The earbuds’ center of gravity should … be kept as closely to the body as possible. We’ve managed this by angling the shape of the front cover, enabling close fit and to mimic the shape and direction of the human ear channel.

Earin parts

As the Earin earphones are IP-54 rated, these are also resistant to sweat and water, which makes them ideal for fitness activities. In fact, the creators will be shipping Earin with an attachment that helps secure the earbuds for sports use, so they don’t fall off with activity.

As for lifecycle, the earbuds’ internal battery is designed for up to 1,000 full cycles, and each cycle can last for 2.5 to 3.5 hours, after which users can simply recharge the buds within the charging capsule. The capsule, which has its own battery, charges via USB and also serves as a convenient carrying case for the earbuds.

Earin compared

The current Kickstarter campaign has run out of early bird specials, but you can still get a set of earbuds (including charging case) for £119 or about $200. To date, the Earin Kickstarter campaign has reached £464,465 ($791,490), far surpassing its target of £179,000 ($305,000) by about 59 percent.

Earin starts shipping by January 2015.

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