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World’s first flexible smartphone: LG Vu 3 or special Samsung Galaxy Note 3 variant?

It’s been a long time since we first heard rumors of smartphones with flexible displays being in the works, numerous prototypes and pre-release models have been demoed and showcased at tech events in the last year or so, but a bendable commercially ready product still seems a thing of the future.


Or does it? Not quite, if we are to trust a newly emerged report from Korea, or at least not a thing of the distant future. In fact, believe it or not, a road-opener in this niche might land on store shelves as soon as next month.

There are two candidates for the title of world’s first flexible smartphone, one from each of the two companies that have invested time and money in developing the technology. LG has its sights set on the Vu 3, whereas Samsung is allegedly working on a Galaxy Note 3 variation capable of curving, leaning, looping and flexing. Or at least one or two of those things.

The Vu 3 was less than a month ago tipped to launch in September with similar specs to the LG G2, plus an unconventional (read: bizarre) 4:3 display aspect ratio, though right now everybody’s best guess is the phone has been pushed back to October.


Meanwhile, the GNote 3 was rumored in the not so distant past to sport a flexible screen in its standard flavor, but ultimately Samsung decided to hold out on the Youm project, since it was virtually impossible to produce enough of the innovative new displays to handle what’ll undoubtedly be huge popular demand.

On the other hand, if Sammy were to go small for starters and, say, make a limber Note 3 available in Korea only, the Galaxy makers would hit two birds with one stone, testing out the concept on a small but significant “focus group” while also pioneering the market and putting another in the win column against local archenemies LG.

Remember, this is all speculation for now and the best thing we can do is wait. And maybe make some bets. I’d wager on Sammy coming out with the first flexible handheld. Anybody want to bet against me?

Sources: RB Men, FNN News

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