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World Cyber Games Singapore 2004 Coverage

We were back at good old Funan Center on Monday afternoon to transport the 120 computers in their casings over to Suntec City. It was very exhausting especially since we had to arrange the gaming setups on the furniture.

The killa monitors… a lot of blood and sweat shed to bring 120 of these out of the boxes and onto the tables.

We finished doing that in the late afternoon and the ATI X800 XT PCI-Es finally arrived from Taiwan… all 121 of them!

Guess what’s in those bags…

The X800 XT PCI-Es

So many of them…

Plugged in the video cards and we were off to install the OS for the gaming rigs. This was a painful ordeal due to all the power failures in the event hall. This slowed down the process a lot and we resorted to cloning all the hard disks. As the setups had to be handed over to the Event organiser for all the games to be installed by 2pm the next day, we went on all the way through till nightfall the following day… Some of us were busy fiddling with the systems for full 30+ hours without much breaks nor sleep in between. Give them a toast the next time you see them!

When the air-conditioning turned off after midnight, you get to see people doing strange things…

Day 4:

The team was split into 2 with Ian and me rushing up an ultimate gaming rig for the VR-Zone booth. Two crazy guys running 3D mark at 4am right in the office… yep thats us!

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