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WordPress now accepts BitCoin

WordPress.com, which is probably the most popular free blogging sites on the Net, has begun implementing another payment option by adding BitCoin.

WordPress’s decision to allow users to go ad-free a few months ago was welcome news to lots of users who enjoy blogging on the popular site. But now WordPress is offering the means to pay with the Bitcoin system.  While many people prefer the use of PayPal and the ever-popular credit card, WordPress felt that Bitcoin was a good addition because it doesn't have any restrictions like PayPal or credit cards.

Currently PayPal and many credit card companies have restrictions on uses in many places around the globe due to problems associated with on-line theft and local politics, such as trade embargos.  In regards to the latest payment through Bitcoin, WordPress blogger Andy Skelton writes, “Bitcoin is a digital currency that enables instant payments over the Internet. Unlike credit cards and PayPal, Bitcoin has no central authority and no way to lock entire countries out of the network. Merchants who accept Bitcoin payments can do business with anyone.”

Many people might still insist on using PayPal for on-line payments because of its on-line protection plan.  WordPress wants these people to know they can be rest assured, and they will be honoring refunds with any transaction done through Bitcoin payments for the site.  And while BitPay does not offer refunds themselves, WordPress says they will back up any grievances with any customers who are unhappy with the ad-free service for reimbursement.

The cost of going ad free on WordPress will be 30 U.S. dollars per year and you can read more about it by clicking here.

Jack Taylor
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