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Woman buys iPad from Walmart; receives legal pad

In a surprising turn of events, a Texas Walmart shopper purchased an iPad, but received only notepads in the box; despite this, Walmart took convincing to refund the item.

In Houston, 15 year old Courtney Akers had received an iPad as a birthday present from her mother. When they opened the box however, they found only a package of note pads. Courtney's mother, Bobbi Linden, had visited a Walmart during the preceding days and purchased the item, which was of the approximate weight of an actual iPad, and was indeed labeled as such. "I thought they were joking" explained Akers, believing her parents were sending a tongue-in-cheek message for her to pursue a legal career.

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When they attempted to return the notepads to Walmart, the store manager looked at the object, and then stated the she had never seen anything like this before, and that Walmart simply couldn't do anything about it. As the story hit the media though, Walmart became much more helpful and did eventually take refund the money.

So what happened? As it turns out, Courtney Akers was the victim of a scam involving the fraudulent return of said iPad. A customer had purchased the tablet, replaced it with notepads, and professionally resealed it again. Since the packaging seemed intact and of the right weight, nobody had bothered checking if the item was in fact still there, and the box had simply been restocked on the shelf. This is not the first case of iPad fraud: Last year in South Carolina, a woman in a McDonald's parking lot paid $180 for an iPad, which turned out to be made of wood.

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