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Withings ScanWatch Takes On Apple With ECG, Sleep Apnea Health Features At CES 2020

Withings, a health wearable company based in France, has announced the ScanWatch at CES 2020. Stylish and refined on the outside, the Withings ScanWatch is the first wearable to combine medical-grade single-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) readouts with sleep apnea detection – a health condition that affects about a billion people worldwide.

Available in 38mm and 42mm form-factors, the Withings ScanWatch reflects the sleek design characteristic of its past wearables. The device sports two sub-dials, one digital and one analogue in addition to its main, minimalist watch face.

Its simple design belies its advanced health tracking features. In addition to ECG readouts and sleep apnea detection, the Withings ScanWatch also monitors oxygen saturation, heart rate, activity tracking with connected GPS and VO2 Max.

User health statistics are then collated in the included Withings Health Mate app for both Android and iOS, which can be presented to a doctor for a more holistic diagnosis and understanding of the user’s overall health.

The Apple Watch Series 4 launched in 2018 first showcased the potential of wearable technology in implementing a single-lead ECG that could produce on-demand measurements. FDA and CE clearance, along with approval by various countries’ health administrations took place in the months following its launch.

This technology has been credited with saving lives around the world through early detection of underlying heart conditions like atrial fibrillation (AFib). At USD 250/~SGD 337, the Withings ScanWatch brings this invaluable ability to a more affordable price point when compared to the starting price of the Apple Watch Series 5 at USD 399/SGD 599.

With this lower price point comes the added benefit of sleep apnea detection. Characterised by sporadic breathing disruptions during sleep, sleep apnea can lead to sleep disruption, fatigue, depression and an increased risk of heart disease.

The Withings ScanWatch detects sleep apnea episodes with an SPO2 sensor on its underside. This enables the wearable to monitor oxygen saturation in the bloodstream throughout the night, an ability that also enhances health tracking during exercise with VO2 Max readouts.

Crafted out of 316L stainless steel, the ScanWatch also features a sapphire crystal. It will be available starting at EUR 249/ GBP 229 / USD 249 (38mm) and for EUR 299 / GBP 279 / USD 299 (42mm) in Q2 2020 in the USA and Europe. The ScanWatch can be paired with a range of striking soft silicone and leather watch bands.

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  1. I’m confused — does this mean Apple Watch will alert you if it thinks you have sleep apnea? Or is a third party app required? Or something else?

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