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Windows RT-powered Microsoft Surface 2 gets benchmarked, packs Tegra 4 CPU

Seeing as Microsoft’s first-gen Surface tabs have been colossal sales duds (especially the one running Win RT) and Nokia, which is close to becoming Redmond’s property, is prepping a far superior slate with FHD screen and Snapdragon 800 CPU, you’d think the wisest call at this point would be the halting of the Surface project.


And yet Steve Ballmer, or whoever is really calling the shots at MS nowadays, appears to be stubbornly trusting a Surface 2 can turn things around. Or a couple of new Surfaces, as rumor has it both the Win 8 and RT-powered 2012 devices will get sequels by the end of this year.

The thing is the Surface RT 2, which is likely to be called simply the Surface 2, has been earlier today spotted in GFX Bench’s database with less than stellar specs. Namely, a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 4 CPU that’s both slower and more power-hungry than Qualcomm’s counterpart and, worst of all, a 1,371 x 771 pixels resolution screen.

Surface 2

Oh, come on, Microsoft, do you really intend to market a gadget with the same exact resolution as last year’s Surface RT (give or take a few pixels) as an “upgrade”?!? Then at least be sensible enough to slash the starting price, because no tech-savvy fellow in his right mind will cough up 500 bucks for such a half-assed “latest generation” gizmo.

On second thought, if the Surface 2 would really start at, say, $300 and run Windows 8.1 RT, which is a clear albeit still small step in the right direction, Microsoft may end up with an unexpected blockbuster on its hands.

Provided, of course, it also comes with features such as 2 gigs of RAM, at least 32 GB of on-board storage, microSD support and micro HDMI connectivity in tow. Who’s with me?

Source: Phone Arena

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