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Windows Phone seeing 40% sustained submission rates

For a number of Microsoft employees this year's Christmas holidays will be business hours as usual, which Microsoft says is due to a sustained increase in app submissions to the Windows Phone 8 store.

With all the emphasis being placed on the number of apps available in mobile online stores like iTunes, Android Store, and the Windows Phone store it is no surprise that Microsoft will do anything to make sure that the number of apps available in their store continues to grow, regardless of it being a holiday season or not.

In a post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog the company announced that since the launch of Windows Phone 8 in October the Windows Phone Store has been experiencing a sustained 40% increase in Windows Phone app submissions. To be able to keep up with this momentum and maintain their certification process Microsoft is pulling a bit of a Grinch and making sure that they have a full complement of staff on hand over the holidays.

To help developers Microsoft also posted this timeframe chart for them so that developers can know what to expect turn-around wise when it comes to their submissions over the holidays.

Hopefully there will be a nice bonus once the holidays are over for those staff members who were there to help get the apps from developers into the hands of consumers looking to play with their new Windows Phones they might have gotten as a present.

via Business Insider

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